About Urunana Development Communication

Brief background information about Urunana DC

Urunana Development Communication (Urunana DC) is a registered national Non-Government organization with legal entity No138/11 of 27th December 2006 and fully complies with the new law number 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and the functioning of national non-governmental organization in Rwanda. The organization deals in public interest interventions specifically in development communication for improving and promoting the social welfare of the population in Rwanda.

The mission of the organization is to contribute to the development and the wellbeing of communities in Rwanda through innovative, creative and interactive communication and social services. The vision of Urunana DC: “We are committed to being a leading development communication organization in health and social welfare”. Our core values include: Professionalism, Transparency and accountability, respect for local culture and values, Participatory and interactive communication, Gender equity, social and economic equity and financial sustainability.

Urunana DC is governed by the board of directors that report to the general assembly, the supreme organ of the organization.  The Managing Director, who is answerable to the Board of Directors, oversees the day-to-day implementation of Urunana DC’s Behaviour and Social Change Communication program.

Urunana DC’s SBCC program products

Urunana radio soap opera and Umuhoza radio magazine programs

Although Urunana Development Communication was registered as legal entity in 2006, its program products such as the famous Urunana Radio Soap Opera which is currently broadcast on Radio Rwanda and Radio Ten and “Umuhoza” Radio Magazine (broadcast on Radio 10 weekly) started way back in 1999 with the support of a UK-based charity organization, Health Unlimited. Both products (Urunana soap opera and “Umuhoza” radio Magazine) constitute the flagship programs of Urunana DC focusing on behaviour and social change.

The program largely focuses on health sector issues and some social issues that could directly or indirectly affect health among the target population. The issues that have been addressed in the recent past include but are not limited to: sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, Family Planning, Childhood immunization, maternal and child health, Gender Based Violence (GBV), women empowerment, Malaria, Hygiene and Sanitation, TB, Financial literacy towards developing a savings culture for social economic empowerment, Community based health insurance, raising awareness on importance of agro-forestry, raising awareness on land tenure and regularization, raising awareness on exploitation and utilization of biogas as an Environmental friendly alternative source of energy for domestic use, etcetera. Urunana DC is an expert in behaviour and social change communication (BSCC) using entertainment-education (Edutainment) communication approaches using various communication products.

Urunana radio soap opera and Umuhoza Radio Magazine programs have been produced and aired during the past eighteen (18) years. Entertainment-education (edutainment) communication approaches have proved very successful in influencing social and behaviour change among target populations as a result of modeling positive characters and learning from the transitional and negative characters for particular behaviors, attitudes and practices.

The impact of the communication program among target populations is high resulting from the uniqueness of the programs in the way it is packaged with a lot of creativity, innovation, balancing entertainment, education and humor to increase knowledge, positive practices thus positively influencing attitudes/behaviour of target populations.


Full adress:

Urunana Development Communication office is located at Kimironko plot No 628, street No. KG 17 AV in Kimironko Sector, Gasabo District in Kigali City, on P.O Box 4720 Kigali, Tel +250 787186240/0788303349 Kigali – Rwanda.