Our projects

  1. School – Community Partnership for Education – SCOPE Project

Urunana DC implements part of the SBCC component of the School-Community Partnership for Education (SCOPE) project in collaboration with Save the Children International. SCOPE is a four (4) years (2016-2020) project funded by the USAID.

The purpose of the project is to improve literacy outcomes for children in primary grades via three core activities focused on: School leadership; Community and Parental involvement and; Culture of Reading.

The SCOPE vision is to improve student-reading outcomes by supporting the Rwanda Education Board (REB) to create and roll-out a uniquely Rwandan comprehensive and replicable school-community partnership model to complement the improved reading and writing instruction delivered in schools through other USAID-funded education programs (i.e. L3, as well as future activities). The model is based on a theory of change that posits children learn to read better when they are in supportive community and home learning environments (HLEs), with the necessary time and materials outside of school to practice reading.  Focusing on reaching students in grades 1-3, SCOPE will create these supportive community and home learning environments to achieve the purpose of improved literacy outcomes for children in primary grades through three interrelated core results:

  1. Strengthening the capacity of school leadership to improve student literacy through school-community partnerships;
  2. Increasing effective community and parental involvement to improve literacy skills; and
  3. Fostering a culture of reading.

Urunana DC implements part of the comprehensive SBCC campaign of the project by producing and integrating key SCOPE literacy messages and integrating socially inclusive, gender-responsive literacy content into the famous Urunana radio soap opera storylines and regularly broadcast the key messages nationally. Urunana radio soap opera has a listenership estimated above 70% in Rwanda. Feedback from listeners is collected and compiled, analyzed to inform program production on a monthly basis …


  1. Communication project to raise awareness on the importance of Immunization in Rwanda

Urunana DC implements a three year (2015-2018) SBCC communication project to raise awareness on the Importance of Immunization in Rwanda. The project is implemented in partnership with Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) and is funded from GAVI/HSS grant to the GOR. During the implementation of the project, Urunana DC collaborates directly with the Maternal, Child and Community Health Division (MCCH) of the RBC particularly its Vaccine Preventable Diseases Program (VPDP), who provide policy guidance and technical support.

The communication program focuses on the routine immunization program which is intended to reach all infants aged between 0-11 months; 12 years old girls for HPV vaccine and pregnant women during antenatal care visits.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improved well-being of people in Rwanda through reduction of child morbidity and mortality due to preventable diseases.

The expected results of the communication project:

  1. Increased knowledge among the population on the immunization program in Rwanda (diseases immunized, immunization schedule and number of visits for a child to e completely immunized …);
  2. Increased immunization coverage for all routine and non-routine immunizations (high coverage levels);
  3. Improved attitude/behavior among the population on immunization;

The key messages are produced, integrated into the famous Urunana radio soap opera story lines and episodes are disseminated regularly to the target population. Feedback and testimonies from the audience are collected, compiled and analyzed monthly to inform the radio program production. …